The Rochester Participatory Educational Research Collaborative (RPERC) is a team of East High School students, East High School teachers, Nazareth College students, Nazareth College faculty, Saint John Fisher College students and Saint John Fisher College faculty in Rochester, NY, who are interested in conducting research in Rochester area schools using a participatory action research model. In a departure from the traditional research model in which college faculty are the "experts" driving the research effort, our model aims to be equally inclusive of all voices with power shared equally amongst students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members. With this goal, our collaborative started meeting in the summer of 2011 to determine how this collaboration could address topics in schools for the mutual benefit of our group members, the Rochester community, and the field of education. We started by asking the high school students in the group what questions they had about their education and what they would like to change about their school. The high school students in the group are familiar with many issues in education as they are currently enrolled in a special magnet program at East High called the Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI) which engages the students in critical questions about pedagogy, learning and leadership in the community. Over the course of the first three meetings, the students raised concerns over multiple stories in the local press about the lack of college ready students graduating from the Rochester City School District. Multiple reports have placed the number of Rochester City School District ready for college at 5%. Our discussions sparked questions from all the members of the group about what we mean by “college ready”.